TYPE H MINIBUS PROTOTYPE - Ristoranti in Piazza - Cremona

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26 Juin 2017

Le Jour 23 Juin a été exposé pour la première fois en Italie le premier prototype du type H Minibus de l'événement Ristoranti in Piazza sur la piazza Stradivari sur la place Crémone.


The project was born from the collaboration of Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer. A tribute to Flaminio Bertoni and his Citroen HY presented exactly 70 years ago, reinventing the legendary van in an up-to- date way, developed on Citroen Jumper chassis. The Type H 70th Anniversary Van will be produced by Caselani Automobili, located in the area of the Italian motor valley, in a limited and numbered edition of 70 units for each version.

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